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We are delighted send our best wishes for 2013 along with some interesting news regarding Jacques Brel De Definitieve Biografie. The book is at the basis of an upcoming VPRO Television Broadcast, in addition to which some very fine reviews have appeared in the Belgian Press. Moreover, Brel’s boat The Askoy II is now ready to float!

Brel De Defintieve Biografie on VPRO TV

On 6 and 12 January, Dutch VPRO Television will broadcast Brel’s famous 1964 concert in Bergen in their series ‘Vrije Geluiden’. The direct occasion is the publication of René Seghers’s biography Jacques Brel De Definitieve.

The introduction will focus on the book and the description there of Brel’s Bergen concert, after which the concert will be broadcast. has aided the broadcast with materials from the book.

VPRO Television
Nederland 1 6 January
(repeated 12 January)
10.30 AM

Viewable online here


Leading Belgian folk music website New Folk Sounds published a very favorable review of the new biography. Some quotes: ‘the book offers a perfect mix between main themes and sidelines in Brel’s life. No doubt it has been a giant project to research all these details. […] Seghers is not a fan, but keeps professional distance to his subject.’ […] ‘Reads like a train’.

Read full review here

Askoy II

News on the status of Brel’s boat, the Askoy II can be found on the frontpage of the Foundation Save Askoy II. As the pictures reveal, the hull is now compeltely welded and painted, and the boat looks ready to be let in the water. See full report here

Upcoming events

We are currently discussing some very interesting events around Brel’s birthday, on April 8, the nature of which we cannot yet reveal. We hope to inform you about these soon.

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